Phew! This re-fresh of inspiration took a while, for no other reason really than that I need time to arrive at clarity within myself.
Any transformation first needs space, enquiry and then ACTION!  My own personal Bali retreat last year offered me a massive
opening and this is one of many results of that space. Here’s what I know for sure after taking space and dropping in…

I love people, adventure, transformation, creating my own life and living passionately.
There’s only one thing I like even more….
Sharing all of that with people who are ready for it!  That’s you.

Here unto these pages yee shall  find new offerings, FREEBIES, retreat & workshop info and get this…
AND we are currently toying with the virtual play room!

This page will updated weekly and is guaranteed to be filled with juicy inspiration an occasional
loving butt kick to get your looking inward, regular dangling of carrots to entice you into living
on purpose and keep you chasing the passion.

So here she is, explore, click, comment & share.

Big fat juicy love and happy clicking,


P.S If you’re digging it – maybe you wanna share it?  Perhaps you know someone else that wants
to live passionately with purpose, we all need a little kicker, inspiration or resource sometimes.
They’ll thank you for it later…

P.P.S I really would love to hear what you think about our new look and feel.

Comment below…