Boom Boom Pow – Bali Retreat

While I fully intend to rock your world, this retreat won’t be all ohms and levitating.  You’ll dig deep, do then inner work and there will be lots (lots!) of time for fun.  In fact, our general itinerary reads something like this:

Day: serious introspection and devoted intention

Night: serious good times and devoted eating

Here’s what people are saying about

Boom Boom Pow Retreat: 

The most powerful and meaningful time that I have ever invested in. I enjoyed absolutely every bloody minute of it! You have provided me with the tools to look within, which has opened the door to a whole new life.  This is the number one best thing I have ever done in my life without a doubt. Truly amazing, uplifting and bloody inspiring.
KS Sydney

Exceeded my expectations! I delved deeper than ever and really shifted what was required so that I feel ready to move into the next phase of my life.  Thank you! 10/10
RB Canberra

100% of attendees said this retreat exceeded their expectations! 

A life changing week, I feel like I invested in myself and my potential. I’m walking away with clarity, direction and spark needed to step fully into my potential. I found tools to remove blocks and find creative flow and build the courage to fly with my dreams and make them a reality.
PD Byron Bay

Amazing value – absolutely price equals the value! MB Melbourne

I came with blocks, confusion and I left clear minded, excited and passionate about the next chapter of my life. I found myself, realised my intentions and passions and I truly feel I can trust my heart.
LM Central Coast

Krista Jane –

Hi my name is Krista Jane Smith, l’m are all about inspiring, kicking butt and moving people into a life of passion and purpose. I’m highly intuitive & have a sneaky little way of highlighting limiting beliefs and shifting them.  I’ve inspired people to quit their jobs, launch their own companies, release old pain, step into power, say goodbye to anxiety and depression and to Live Lives they Love. I co-founded & initiated ‘The Power of You‘ fundraisers for awareness and change,  I run my own global retreats called ‘Open Your heart’‘Boom Boom Pow‘ & ‘Spiritual India’ and I offer one on one change your life power hours called ‘Soul Sessions’; they are all about intuition, awareness, letting go, inspiration and the best part… expansion into powerful potential. AND  I’d love to connect with you!

I’m gonna BOOM BOOM your world & light a fire under your pants, I can’t wait to play with you!
Seriously excited but overwhelmed but the ‘how the h@#$! do I make this happen?

Let’s have a FREE chat!  

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