Passion + Power + Purpose

5 week home study program

Think: living in alignment with your soul’s path

Think: getting in flow without having to leave your bedroom, office or local star bucks

Think: inspired teaching, thought provoking questions, transformational exercises and like minds

If you’re ready for 5 weeks of life-changing, heart-quaking awesome, may I introduce you to

 Passion + Power + Purpose?

Sounds pretty great, right?  

Here’s our recipe for great things:

* A weekly 1.5 hour live tele jam; mind-opening insight from me, exercises to bring clarity and transformation

* 1 hour of vinyasa yoga that will (gently) kick your ass and open your heart – an audio replay doable ANYWHERE

* new weekly meditations that help you align, focus, get clarity, clear the heavy stuff, make you feel awesome!

* hone in on exactly what your passions, gifts and talents are

* removing limiting beliefs that keep you from those passions

* get clear about your visions

* create an action plan for strategy to move into purpose

*support of like minds & accountability  to keep you inspired and moving forward

* replays of all tele jams

* a weekly personal email check in with me, to keep you on point

The whole shebang: $475

To be on the VIP list when we release the next P + P + P class sign up —->

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